flyDetect® from PestWest®, the industry leader in online flying insect monitoring.

  • Using the latest data capture and analysis technology, the flyDetect system proactively alerts the pest control professional when a fly capture threshold is reached via either the dedicated flyDetect mobile app or the web-based app.

  • Alert thresholds can be tailored to the sensitivity of the situation in which the flyDetect is being used and their alerts are based on a clever traffic light system of green, amber and red.Scheduled UV-A tube and sticky board change notifications

  • Use the mobile app to plan your visits by following the alert system.

  • Set up and remotely monitor multiple clients on a dedicated online web app.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring system

Built-in high resolution camera captures the entire sticky board

flyDetect® is designed to send you immediate notifications of emerging infestation, so your business can be more proactive.

A brand new system for everyday devices.


Set up and monitor multiple clients on a single dedicated platform and schedule notifications for tube and sticky board changes.

Customisable alert notification and historical archiving of sticky board images.

PestWest flyDetect Leaflet

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